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Warning: This page may contain minor spoilers.

Talin Katari
     A young swordsman from the outskirts of Ariko, Talin often dreamed of setting out on adventures of his own like his father did, many years ago. Our story begins just after his twentieth birthday, when a mysterious girl appears in the forest near his home, claiming to have come a long way searching for him...  

Ashira D'Amirol
       An young elf, orphaned by the destruction of her home city long ago, Ashira was raised by Talin's family as one of their own. She has the undeveloped potential to be a great healer, like her mother before her. She follows Talin on his journeys and adventures, including his most recent one to Arsalun...

     A traveller from the distant continent of Arsalun, Elora comes to Ariko to find young Talin. She tells him of a great adventure to be had in the far away land, and beckons him to come with her. Her skills with a bow and arrow are uncannily good as well...

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