Elven, 19 Years old
Birthday: 13th Day of Tira'dar, 1032

  Ashira was born in the great elven city of Cedra, in the center of the large Cedralien forest near the west coast of the mainland. Orphaned after the city's destruction in 1038 at the young age of five, she was taken in by Tristan Katari, and his wife Myra. She lived in the Ariko village with them for the remainder of her early years. Always close to her 'brother' Talin, she was quick to join him on his journey to the distant continent of Arsalun.

  Ashira had never seen combat directly, but she posesses the healing skills passed down from her mother, Amirol. Ashira's trademark cape belonged to her mother long ago, and is probably her most dear posession. Now, nearly an adult herself, she follows in Amirol's footsteps as an adventurer, alongside Talin on their journey...

Chronicles of Alaria © 2003 Chris Cieslik

Character art by Tristyn, colored by Sarah Pinansky.