Human, 20 Years old
Birthday: 20th Day of Aleh'rus, 1032

  Talin is a young swordsman from the small Ariko village, near the mainland's west coast. While helping his mother run things around the house and watch his three younger siblings, he has trained on his own in the arts of the sword. He trained in hopes of following the footsteps of his adventurer father, Tristan, who fell in a great battle when he was still a child. Now, with his siblings coming of age, and with the arrival of a girl named Elora beckoning him to Arsalun, the opportunity for adventures of his own has arrived.

  Still relatively untested in battle, Talin chases his destiny to the western continent of Arsalun. He anxiously awaits the first time he will draw his father's sword in real battle, as he embarks on this unknown journey...

Chronicles of Alaria © 2003 Chris Cieslik

Character art by Tristyn, colored by Sarah Pinansky.